California wedding photographer


I'm Karina, I'm a Brazilian girl living my american dream and loving it. People used to describe me as a cute, positive, and bubble girl and I've totally owned that.

I'm obsessed with sushi (seriously, it's my fav food after my mom's home-cooked food), and the Cactus plant. Idk why, they're just so beautiful. Oh, I almost forgot... DOGS! I love them so much!! 

I have multiple tattoos and my fav is my lion which is a representation of Jesus (btw, he’s my first love and my foundation in everything I am and everything I do).

I'm married to a handsome guitar player, fitness enthusiastic, daily deliverer of memes and major fan of those dad jokes lol. He's my everything.

Fun fact: My hubby is also Brazilian but I had to get out of Brazil to find him and now he’s my home!

I've been interested in photography since I was kid. I was always playing with my Dad's camera everywhere lol. Later, I went to college for photography and I found myself in this art form. Now it’s been almost 7 years working with what I love most.

I'm a wedding photographer because I really believe in this commitment. It's a union of two souls and two families and to me, family is everything. It's more than a party or celebration, it's two different worlds becoming one. I just feel SO BLESSED that my work allows me to be part of this wonderful time in people's lives.

I can't wait to be part of YOUR story.

Let's dream together and create memories for life!


Heart & Soul

What should you expect from me as your photographer ? To be honest, you will have someone who truly cares about every single detail of your day and most importantly, someone who cares about capturing who you two truly are and the meaning of this moment.

I don’t wanna be just another vendor offering you a service. I know the value of my work and I want to you to have THE BEST EXPERIENCE working with me. I want to connect with you, I want to be your friend, I want to dance with you on the dance floor, I want to take a selfie or a boomerang during our session, and honestly, I’ll probably sip a little bit of wine (if I’m not driving lol) before I leave your party. This is who I am. I’m a real person who just wants to connect with real people.


Feature 1

“Karina is AMAZING. She is responsive, friendly and her pictures are beautiful!!! This review is way over due, but better late than never!! The moment I reached out to her, I knew we were going to be friends.
The day of the wedding, she made everyone feel comfortable. It was like she was a part of our family! Karina is beautiful person, inside and out. I highly HIGHLY recommend her. You won’t be sorry!!! “

Sarah & Steven - married Aug 2018

Feature 2

“Having been to more than a fair share of weddings, Karina is always offering both photography and general wedding advice. Wedding days can be stressful so we were very blessed to find someone who knows what she's doing, is good at what she does, and is cheerful and flexible. She's fun, full of positive energy, and delivers stunning photos- we're glad Karina was the one to capture our special day; we now have hundreds to lovely photos to remember it by!”

Joyce & Tim - married July 2019

Feature 3

“ Amazing! Karina is like the best friend you haven't seen in a year, but picked up right where you left off. She is your personal hype woman, she will make you feel good and comfortable behind the camera. Her energy is great. She is thorough and efficient, she really knows what she's doing. Her eye for photography is wonderful. We are so happy with our pictures! “

Kristina & Ramone - married Aug 2019

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